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Linger - Various - You Already Have Way Too Many CDRs (CDr)

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  1. CD-R discs are described by their recording capacity or runtime length. You can buy both minute and minute CD-R discs. Today most CD-Rs are sold in minute lengths, but you will see some brands that offer both 74 and 80 minute sizes. The actual cost of making the discs is about the same.
  2. Jun 28,  · I think you have been honest about everything, and it sounds to me like you did a good job with filling out this form – this form does not allow for detailed reporting. If you have been working above sga at times, I think this may increase the likelihood that you will be sent a long form review.
  3. For Discogs purposes a CDr is an entirely different format from a CD. Listing a CDr for sale against a CD listing is a Not Actual Item listing violation and is subject to removal. CDr's are considered to be lower quality than CDs by a lot of people. Listing CDr media as a CD is a great way to have angry customers and possibly negative feedback.
  4. Aug 17,  · Long Lasting Products. There are many CD-R products produced by a few companies that can probably last a long time without any issues. The most popular, and probably the most expensive, are the Taiyo Yuden CDs and DVDs. Brands such as TDK and Verbatim are said to carry the Taiyo Yuden brand.. Another popular long-lasting brand of CDs and DVDs is the MAM-A brand from .
  5. CD vs CDR. Summary: Difference Between CD and CDR is that a CD or also known as COMPACT DISC is small and portable round medium disc made of Molded Polymer used for storing data or information electronically. While CD-R (compact disc-recordable) is a multisession optical disc on which users can write, but not erase, their own items such as text, graphics, and audio.
  6. Aug 05,  · 1) They schedule you for a CDR if the nature of your impairment is believed to have high improvement potential, or 2) They send you a short form CDR questionnaire with 6 questions, and your answers will determine whether they do an actual CDR. In more than 90% of these, the CDR is deferred for another 3 yrs. when the case is called up again, or.
  7. Aug 18,  · The CDRs are all the same. What is different is the tubing on the housing. The CUCV tubing for the CDR is different than the L non-military engine. You may be able to "bend" the tubing of the L unit to make it work, but it will not be an exact fit. Wolfer has made arrangements to have new units made that are an exact fit.
  8. Aug 25,  · The above information is very useful because you can see the time period that the CDR records cover. the oldest CDRs are from Jan 4th and the latest CDRs are from Jan 5th. If you are trying to run reports for any days that are not included in this time period (eg: Jan 3rd or before — or — Jan 5th and later), it’ll be unsuccessful.
  9. With that out of the way, there are absolutely certain things which can be said for recordable CDs in general. The first is that you should never consider the CD-R a viable long term storage option. By their very nature, CD-R media degrade over time. While manufacturers will claim extreme shelf life, the truth is that most will degrade in

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