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The Silent Majority

Posted by 28.10.2019 in Rock

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  1. This interpretation betrays profound ignorance about the term “silent majority,” which never had any racial connotation, and disregards what suburban voters really fear — Democratic incompetence .
  2. My bet is the silent majority is bigger than ever and that we'll see that in November. Stay in the fight like your children's future depends on it -- because it does.
  3. Jun 06,  · Further, Nixon was reelected in when he won by a state landslide by promising the silent majority he would restore law and order. If you’re wondering whether the silent majority is, in fact, still a majority in America, a new poll from Morning Consult appears to provide the answer.
  4. The silent majority doesn’t believe a country that twice elected a black man president – by a majority vote – is racist; they don’t think a country that celebrates the birth of Dr. Martin Luther.
  5. May 31,  · Silent majority refers to the fact that, though quiet, they still support law enforcement. They choose to avoid vocalizing support in social media mediums because they do not desire to argue and be attacked for supporting law enforcement. Their silence does not mean they agree with the counter-arguments.
  6. As she made her way through the rally gates, Terry Daniels was ready to make some noise. “We normally don’t make a sound. And that’s the problem,” said the Dallas resident, who drove up.
  7. 'The Silent Majority' was a term widely used by Richard Nixon in the late s. Nixon perceived that a large contingent of Americans did not feel represented amidst the voices of dissent that.
  8. The Silent Majority is founded in quiet, but deep patriotism and when our freedoms are challenged - we rise. We produce products for proud Americans that embody the values that sustain our national life and embrace our freedom and independent spirit.

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